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About Us

Leader Bio:


Kevan Clark is a small business ‘turn-around’ specialist. He brings to the table knowledge and a skillset for implanting sustainable and scalable processes & procedures, applying automation through technology and team leadership models used by Fortune 100 companies, all scaled down for small business. Turning a “mom and pop” driven business into a thriving repeatable business model, primarily focused on customer retention through industry best-practices, that can be employed across multiple locations, is his specialty. Mr. Clark has proven successes for Real Estate Investors (both residential and commercial), restaurateurs, and laundromat owners.


Team Bio’s:


R. Chalfon, C. Bernstein and A. Reichtum all have a keen understanding of the importance of small business and how their success or failure can impact the local community.With wide experiences working overseas for a number of years, returning to the US, they each had successful careers with several of the east coast’s top Stock and Commodities Accounting Firms. With career changes they refocused as bookkeepers, working with multiple financial industry accountants, gaining extensive experience in all aspects of Bookkeeping for a variety of business types.

In mid 2014, R. Chalfon partnered with C. Bernstein and A. Reichtum creating a bookkeeping business to provide a high quality and personalized bookkeeping service to small financial businesses.

Each has extensive skills, robust attention to detail, exceptional organizational skills and a love for stock trading giving Chalfon, Bernstein & Reichtum’s Bookkeeping the edge when it comes to organizing your bookkeeping as an active stock trader..
R. Chalfon’s highly developed communication skills means that R. Chalfons Bookkeeping will work with you to understand the needs of your business and deliver cost-effective solutions.

The combined skillset of all three means that CBR’s bookkeeping stays abreast of the latest bookkeeping technology and market trends allowing you to focus on developing you’re active trading business for you to remain confident that your accounts are being professionally managed. CBR’s Bookkeeping provides full bookkeeping services on a very reasonable price.

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